Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I am recruiting!

Sadly, I have not found a teaching job yet. I think that will require going back to school as Rutherford County is apparently overrun with more qualified (ie. certified) people than me. So, I am still at Domino's here in Murfreesboro where I am about to be one of two phone people. I am looking to hire another or maybe even two more people. If you live in Murfreesboro, TN, and need a job, come to the Domino's off of Northfield and apply. Please.
Quincy will soon be a year old. I can't believe that. He's so big--crawling and pulling up and talking. He's also stubborn and I can foresee terrible terrible two's on the horizon. He's not very fond of "no" and he hears it a lot. He mostly chooses to forget that he knows what it means, but if I say, put him in the playpen to keep him out of stuff, then he cries because his freedom has been taken away. He still goes right to bed like a good little baby most nights and he's a good eater. So far, the only thing he hasn't liked was Gerber's spaghetti beef and pasta and who can blame him really? It smelled like Spaghetti O's. He gagged. He is loving the juice these days. It's always in his sippy cups and he knows how to work those. He likes doing it himself. I'm pretty sure that milk will work the same way in those, but have only tried it a few times. The only problem with the whole juice thing is his reluctance to quit drinking and the fit he throws until it is out of his sight. That is yet another time where "no" doesn't achieve much.
Well, Quincy is in bed so I am going to go fix something to eat..