Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've been wronged!

We let Quincy play out in the backyard often. Today, he wanted out to work on his garden. He planted grass in it yesterday and thought it needed something done to it.

Anyway, he decided that they grass needed trimmed so he borrowed my scissors that were out there and went to work.

Meanwhile, in the house, I was eating my lunch while my husband washed the dishes in the kitchen and watched Quincy out the window. He looked away for a moment, only a moment. I heard him say, "Oh, no!" That got my attention.

He opened the back door really quick and yelled at Quincy, "Why did you do that?" In the meantime, I ran to the door to see what disaster had happened.

I have had one cherry tomato plant in my garden this summer. This past week, it got eight little green tomatoes on it. I've been pretty excited about having eight tomatoes at once.

Quincy cut it down with the scissors. His reason? "I don't think I like tomato plants"

There'll be pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What does this say about me?

I realized the other day that it's a good thing I'm married because I have questionable taste in men. I mean, I find myself attracted to guys who would be good fling material, but not relationship material.

I got lucky with my husband. I mean, sure, he annoys me sometimes and we have the same fight over and over, but he has redeeming qualities. He is amazingly responsible with money and with things like life insurance. He cleans the house because I am often completely exhausted when I am home. He does the dishes because, well, I don't.

Would another guy do that? Maybe.

Would guys I think are attractive (ie. good for a roll in the hay)? Probably not.

I wonder sometimes if I am good relationship material. I mean, I'm almost always in a good mood. I usually have a smile for anyone. I like to push to get the necessary tasks done so I have free time to sit on my ass. This would be why I make lists. That way, things get done. The whole sitting on my ass a lot thing does not make me a great catch though. It does mean that I probably know what is happening on my favorite TV show at any given time. Oh, and I read a lot of books. A lot. Really.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Gardening Bug Bit Quincy!

Or maybe he just really, really likes mud! When he was almost a year old, if he got mud on his hands he would stare at it and then cry until we washed him off. Now, he loves to make mud. He loves to play in it.

He says that he's gardening. What do you think? It looks like playing to me!

Notice the mud puddle below him in this one and the pic below this. He made that with the hose.

He also got a little wet while messing with the hose.

He's checking out his feet here.

This is after playing in the mud the next day. Doesn't he look proud?

And his feet again! He took a much-needed shower after this!