Thursday, March 05, 2009

Maybe I should get my eyes checked??

The desirable sub jobs around here have been few and far between. I'm pretty sure that I could sub every day if I worked for two counties. Actually, I could sub every single day here if I were willing to go to every school. I have a little problem wanting to drive 45 minutes one way to sub all day for only $65. It is unfortunate that many of the jobs are at the schools that are that far from my house. Thing is, we live pretty far out of town but right next to the interstate. If we lived in town, those schools would be even farther away because I would have to still drive to the interstate.

You can now understand my excitement yesterday when I saw a sub job pop up that was about 25 minutes from my house and at a great school. I immediately signed up for it, got ready, and headed out. I hurried so I would be on time and I was. When I arrived at the room, the teacher looked at me funny. She swore the job she had put in was for Monday, March 9, not Wednesday, March 4. She checked and it was. I completely looked at the date wrong when I signed up. I was 5 days early! It was kind of embarrassing. I am still going back on Monday though because it's a great school and it's close. I'm actually looking forward to it!

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