Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hmmm..well...I've decided that no one reads this

Since that is the case, I can say anything I want about anybody. Well, really, I always could, but there were people from work reading this (Abby where are you?) and now there aren't so I won't feel bad complaining about irritating co-workers. I've decided that, when you're young, drama seems to be the way to go for some people. Create drama, cause drama, have it in your life--these are all situations that scream, "Someone pay attention to ME," "Someone value ME (presumably, because no one does)." All of that is just sad. Life is just too short to be so keyed-up all the time. Relaxation and taking it all one day at a time are important. If you ask my boss, she'll say that good customer relations are important and, right now, I'm not sure we have that at Domino's in Murfreesboro. I mean, come on, a little rudeness can go a long way towards getting rid of customers and if you let every person with sub-par intelligence who calls a place of business upset you, then you are asking for a heart attack. I think customers are important, but they aren't anything to get stressed over. I also don't think that doing my job is a huge imposition. I mean, yeah, I don't get paid enough, but really nobody thinks they make enough. I'm still not going to spend over 50% of my time on the clock sitting on my ass in the manager's office. I refuse to get stressed out over this. Essentially, I refuse to care what other people around me do at work. Karma gets everyone in the end. I just wish the boomerang would hurry up and smack this person upside the head. I want to watch. Is that mean?

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