Wednesday, May 04, 2005

haven't posted in a while

but that's because my son has grown and now naps less so I had to catch up on sleep at the times when I was previously posting on here. Now, he has settled into about two naps a day---one morning and sometimes another mid-morning or late afternoon and he's sleeping all night as long as his teething isn't bothering him too much. He is growing--he's up to close to 20 pounds now I think and he's 5 and a half months old.

Work is about the same....the same incompetent people, the same ungenerous tipping customers. Only thing is, now the incompetent people are sometimes belligerent too which makes them a real joy to work with. Sometimes the tension is so high it gives me a headache and there's way too much drama in the air.

Things look promising on the finding another job front. I have found several open teching positions here in Rutherford County and hope to be able to fill one of them in the Fall. If not here, then in another county close by---there are positions pretty much all around here since Middle Tennnessee is such a fast-growing area.

well---since I spoke of sleep earlier, it's really time for me to eat something and get some rest--Quincy might be up by 5 a.m. but I sure hope not...

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