Friday, April 03, 2009

Thomas's Friends are not MY friends

And I'll tell you why with the help of some fuzzy pictures of his buddy Terrance the Tractor.

See how nice he looks? He has such a happy face and looks like he would never hurt anyone. Don't be fooled!! He's thinking about how he's going to position himself in the middle of the floor so some unsuspecting adult will step on him and "hahahahahahahahaha." That's what's behind the smile!

See all the knobby spots he has sticking out of him? Those hurt if he gets stepped on. Actually, those will cut a foot even through a sock. I spent two days hobbling around and limping because of that Terrance!
(And yes he is sitting on the bathroom counter now. I can't possibly step on him there.)

That's my foot two days after the incident. I waited until it was no longer bloody to take a picture. :) Also, I should probably watch where I'm walking. It wasn't even late at night and I had my glasses on still.

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