Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where does this sense of humor come from?

Is it an inborn male thing?

Let me explain. My son has always been fascinated with any noises that his body makes. Burps are very funny to him. farts are even funnier. A fart from somewhere near him will result in a comment like, "Was that your pout? Did you pout? Hahahahahahaha" If he happens to be the one with the gas, he is even more amused. He'll ask, "Did you hear that pout? That was me!! That was my pout!! Do you smell my pout?" Sometimes, he just tells me to smell his pout. It's pretty disgusting.

My husband has explained the finer points of pout etiquette to him. If he pouts near a woman, he must say, "Excuse me!" If he passes gas around my husband or one of his friends, it's okay, he can laugh. They probably will.

The last few weeks, he had a problem with his poop. I thought we would never get rid of the diarrhea. I modified his diet. I added an acidopolus supplement. I upped his fiber. It still took ten days or so to go back to normal. This was pretty agonizing since it was the ten days before he supposed to leave for a week at Disney World. I really hoped he wouldn't be sick all the way down there or at the park.

Well, he wasn't. It cleared up about the time I gave up on diet modification. I did cut out dairy for a few days. He was very proud of his first normal poop. We made a big deal out of it. Maybe we shouldn't have. After that, every time he pooped solid, he announced it to everyone around. My mom said that they were at Disney World and he'd be in the stall and she would hear, "Ohhhhhh, it normal! Yay!" I don't know what the other ladies in the bathrooms thought.

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