Thursday, March 04, 2010


I took a long hiatus from writing here. Working as much as I was doing combined with holiday stress and illness to exhaust me.

I've been writing....just not here. I write a lot of lists. :) Grocery lists. Things to do lists. Lists of school systems that are hiring and aren't thousands of miles away from here. I found a few of those by the way and will hopefully be getting some interviews this spring.

I make lists of all the weird things Quincy does. He's started singing songs he hears in the car. He goes crazy when I don't let him pick his own breakfast. He hates to have a toy taken away. Turning off the radio in the car will make him immediately stop whatever annoying this he's doing (last night it was playing with the window). Getting in the tub makes him want to take a bath. See, he's an interesting little boy. He sings Plain White T's, Outkast, and Presidents of the United States of America. He asks me to turn on Relient K in the car.

He asks me every other day to take him to big boy school (kindergarten). He keeps telling me that he plans to learn things all of his life. At five, he has hopes and dreams. He has fantasies about what kind of career he will have (policeman), what kind of cars he will own, where he will live, who he will marry, and how many children he will have. He can articulate these future plans clearly. At five.

I can't tell you my future plans clearly and I am way past five. What do I want to be when I grow up? Where do I want to be? Good questions. I have only vague answers.

I took a recess from writing, but not one from thinking.

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