Sunday, March 07, 2010


After watching two hours of sappy television, I am reminded that relationships are hard. They take work. They don't just miraculously maintain themselves and stay all happy and emotionally healthy. I don't expect sunshine and rainbows and roses all the time. That's not realistic. Perky and smiley once in a while would suffice. It gets old being the only perky one in a relationship.

Also, I have a slight self-destructive streak. I tend to destroy things when they get good. I also have a history of dating people of questionable psychological well-being. Okay, I lived with a psychopath for the better part of a year. It was not a good year.

With all of that, I wonder how anyone is ever certain that the person you love will be around in 30 years. Or even that the person you love is the person you should love. The person who is best for you and are you the best person for them? I mean, how do you know? All through school, I was taught to show my evidence and support my position with facts, but how do you do that with a marriage?

Why is the grass always greener??? Where is this all coming from?? Am I supposed to spend my life questioning my relationship? or should I just have faith that all is well and not worry so much?

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