Wednesday, March 30, 2005

haven't posted in a while

I haven't posted in about a week. Quincy started waking up at the indecent hour of 3 a.m. and thought that it was time to be up for the day everytime he did it so I had to start going to sleep earlier. He's sleep to the more agreeable hour of 6 a.m. the last few days though and, being an optimist, I choose to believe he'll do that tonight. Having said that, he probably won't. *sigh*

There's really been very little going on around here. Quincy is eating carrots now and loving them, but they are so messy. I could see them on his face today even after I wiped them off. He had an orange carroty mustache. It was kind of cute, but not as cute as the little mohawk he had when he woke up from his nap last night. I had to take a picture of that to show his daddy. Speaking of my husband, today was his birthday which means that mine is getting close also. His is 8 days before mine. I don't know if we'll do anything this year though or not. It's our first birthdays together as a married couple. Last year, we were just dating and had just found out that we were expecting so we were kind of in shock on both of our birthdays. This year, we have Quincy so we'll probably just eat dinner together or something. We used to watch movies a lot, but I lost the ability to stay awake through one while pregnant and haven't regained it yet. Sometimes I have trouble staying awake to eat dinner--it depends on how demanding Quincy has been that day. Some days he's a little angel--others, he's just the opposite, but that's ok.

Speaking of dinner, I should make some and eat because I'm already sleepy..

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