Monday, May 04, 2009

Job Fair, heh...

I went to the countywide Teacher Job Fair on April 18. Guess how many phone calls for interviews I have gotten from that? Go on, guess. Zero. Even from the one school that told me I'd get an interview!

I maintain my opinion that every administrator in this county knows every other administrator AND that they have a super-secret lunch where they take all resumes received and discuss each one. As in, "Do you know this candidate?" "Would you hire him/her?" etc., etc. The super-secret get-together is probably not true, but I bet there are phone calls to everyone on the resume before an interview is offered, which means, in my case, that no interview is offered.

I am not discouraged. Okay, a little bit. I still want a library certification because a job working in a room filled with books sounds like heaven to me and shouldn't a job be like that? Heaven, I mean.

How to finance the going back to school and the paying of the student loans? I'm considering that now. I'm not sure I could do those seven classes, plus the required internship, plus the stress and planning associated with teaching secondary full-time. All the classes are online. That means no hurrying to campus or anything. I figure I can apply for a graduate assistantship when I apply for the program. They're awfully stingy with the graduate assistantships these days though. I doubt I could count on it.

Alternatively, the state is hiring for DHS. It's basically data entry and interviewing people. There's a test required to get the job with basic grammar questions and common sense situations. I'm fairly certain I could pass that. What do you think?

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I passes it...Sarah