Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shouldn't I have outgrown this?

(I am posting this from the laptop. I hate the laptop, but the main computer won't boot so here I am.)

I hate blushing. It's involuntary and the more I try to stop, the hotter my face gets. It's embarrassing. Okay, it usually happens when I have said or am thinking something embarrassing. Case in point: I mentioned the post a few posts back about police officers and how cute they are to, surprise, a police officer this afternoon. I did not describe anything in it. I merely said that I wrote about cops a few weeks ago. My face immediately turned what I am sure was a brilliant shade of crimson. That's what it felt like anyway. It got so hot that I had to fan my face. Shouldn't I have outgrown this about 15 years ago?

I'm pretty sure that Quincy will have the same problem when he gets a little older. He is very fair-skinned. He turns red if he gets the slightest bit hot. If it's really hot out or he has been running a lot, he gets even redder. I have yet to see him blush though. I mean, why would he be embarrassed? We stopped for Chinese food on the way home and he told the lady at the counter that he had to take a big pee. He announces his poots almost every time he does one. I guess he's not old enough for embarrassment. Lucky him!

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Sammanthia said...

OMG! I do the SAME thing. I can't lie and get away with it, either. My face turns bright red and gives me away every time. It's made me a very honest person, though.;)