Monday, June 22, 2009

I am an angry 4 year old boy!

That's an apt description of my child.

He's mad because we won't buy him this toy or that toy. He's mad because I won't stop at McDonald's at 9 o'clock at night. He's mad because Wubbzy isn't on all the time, or we made him leave the playground or sit down and eat lunch or told him to stop spitting. Whatever we have done, he's angry.

He spent the last week in Florida with my parents. They frequently heard, "I'm mad," and ,"I'm angry." He had to be carried out of a toy store because they took him in just to look. Last night, my mom would not let him have a steak knife at the restaurant they were at and he pitched a fit. He told me that he understood that the knife could hurt him but that "Grandma was supposed to share her knifes."

When he gets mad, he spits. Unless he's angry because we're trying to leave the playground, then he runs away. Once caught, he yells, screams, and kicks his feet. It's awesome.

My sister thinks he needs to go to some sort of anger management/behavioral class. My friends with 4 year olds tell me that this is mostly in the realm of normal behavior. Is it? Any suggestions?

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