Friday, June 19, 2009

Life at the moment

My husband and I are nearing the 5th anniversary. I'm happy. I guess. Is a happy marriage one that you're content in? I'm content and comfortable. And annoyed.

I get tired of being home alone all the time with no one to talk to but my 4 year old. I am tired of never spending any time with my husband. Scratch that, we spend time together, but we're both asleep.

Is marriage, at this point, supposed to feel kind of like having a roommate? One who kisses you in passing every once in a while?

Maybe I read too many romance novels and have seen "Twilight" too many times. I want my relationship to be similar to Edward and Bella's. To be someone's "own personal brand of heroin." Is that even possible after this many years together?

Quincy has been in Florida all week and we really only got to spend one day together. Well, we spent Sunday together, but I had fever and was pukey and nauseous. I'm not counting that. Our one day together, we had two arguments. I thought one of them would never end. Quincy gets back tomorrow and I am looking forward to that.

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