Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm so glad I'm on the other side of this now..

Last week was by far the most stressful week that I have had in a while. Hubby has been talking about moving for months now and waiting for our lease to end. It finally ended and he gave them notice that we were moving. I was not really asked for my opinion on it. We spent four frantic days looking at house after house. Each one we looked at was worse than the last or more expensive or further out of town. Truthfully, my husband found something wrong with every house we looked at. Some were in bad neighborhoods. Some were under high-tension power lines. Some were near cell phone towers. We found two that we really liked. The ads said nothing about pets so we asked. Neither one allowed pets. They had left that out of both ads. Bleh.

By last Wednesday, I had experienced a panic attack followed by tears pretty much every night. I was certain that we were going to end up living in my parents' back yard because we had no place else to go. I knew that we couldn't stay here because he'd already given notice. I NEEDED to know where we were moving RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND every night. I had to pack. I had to call the water department, the electric department, the phone company, Books from Birth, Insurance, the cable company, and the student loan people. These things take time. Time we did not have. So by Thursday, I was determined we would find something that very day. We didn't. Not even close. It was time to pay rent for our last month. We drove to our rental office where I told our son that he'd better enjoy his sucker from there because he'd never get another. I waited in the car with him because I just knew I'd cry if I went in. My husband was in there forever. He came back out with our lease renewal paper. He had talked to the manager and renewed our lease for another year! Yay!

It took me several days to feel like myself again. I resumed by search for a day job this weekend, but I didn't update my resume until today so I probably passed up a few that were available. Here's hoping someone calls me for an interview because I have to pay those student loan people somehow.

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