Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free Time on the Long Weekend!

Well, my interim position has ended. I am somewhat relieved as progress reports were coming up and now I don't have to chase anyone down for missing work, but I will miss those kids. I will also miss having a regular place to go every day. With subbing, I never know where I'll end up each day or what age group I'll have or how they'll behave.

The day before my position ended, the washer broke. It is the motor, which can be replaced. It's a 12 year old washing machine and I don't honestly know whether we should replace the motor or just buy a new one. It will be about a hundred dollars more to buy a new one though.

I am currently sitting around the house with a flatulent toddler who sometimes has diarrhea. It's awesome! We went to the pediatrician today and she said he was perfect. Of course, at that point in the day, he had not yet pooped. I thought the stomach thing was all fixed. Boy, was I wrong! Still, he isn't as bad as when he first came down with it. So there's that.

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