Sunday, November 16, 2008

I need sleep...and other stories

This week was the most tiring one of this Interim position. It was report card week. I hate report card week because, inevitably, there will be a few children who have slacked off since progress report time and then end up with a D or an F. They think that the A they had at the middle of the six weeks will just be there at the end and then their parents call or email and dealing with both whining kids and complaining parents is exhausting. Plus all the kids were crazy this week. I hope they are more settled next week, but they know that Thanksgiving break is coming up so most likely they won't be. I had to deal with assistant principals over something a kid had done about 5 times this week and that was 5 times too many. Also, on Friday, one boy got suspended. So, for this coming week, I'm really hoping for snow one day!

Let's see. The beginning of last week was the time right after my sister's wedding, which I need some good pictures of to post. I have a few, but I need more. Last Saturday, which was the day of the wedding, was very tiring. It went well. Everyone looked nice. Quincy even put on his tux with no fuss. He went potty before the ceremony and had no accidents. He walked up the aisle like he was supposed to, but refused to carry his ringbearer pillow. He only stayed onstage for about 5 minutes, before loudly exclaiming, "I want some fruit snacks." That part is on video. He went to the back of the church to see his Daddy mid-ceremony. My husband filmed the whole thing so he was where the best view was. Quincy stayed back there a while, but then decided to come back up front. At that point, he came down the aisle walking on his knees. He was still wearing his tux and he stopped every few pews to grin at the person on the end. I watched it all from the stage, helpless. All in all, it went pretty well.

Oh, Quincy was also pinkeye-free for the ceremony. It finally went away. Now, he has a cough or maybe a cold. He picked this one up at preschool last week. He says that he got it from holding hands with a girl there! He could be lying. He has no fever or anything, just a cough. I think it could be just the heat drying him out and the fact that the high for the last few days has been in the 40's. It may be time to break out the humidifier!

Quincy's 4th birthday is Tuesday. I will be trying to get birthday stuff done tomorrow night before the big day since I'll be at school all day on Tuesday. I can't believe he's going to be 4.:)

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