Friday, November 07, 2008

Not as cute as Mickey Mouse

This week was pretty uneventful on the school front. Lots of grading, but that was about it. I am almost done with grades for this six weeks. Yay!

The most exciting event of my week happened Wednesday morning and it was not really exciting so much as it scared the crap out of me. I walked in the kitchen around 6:30 a.m.. I had planned on going out the back door and turning on the car to warm up. It has been kind of cold here lately and I hate driving to school cold. As I rounded the corner of the living room and headed into the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of the dog's water water bowl. It looked like there was something in it. I was about 6 or so feet away so I could not be sure what it was. I walked closer, got about 4 feet away from it, and realized that it was a mouse treading water and swimming in circles. I quickly ran back to the bedroom and woke up my husband and shrieked something about a mouse in a decibel I do not normally speak in. Once he understood, he walked in, picked up the water bowl, opened the back door, and slung the contents to the left of the door. I waited about five minutes to be sure that our visitor has run away and out I went. There was no mouse outside. It really did run away!

Fast forward to this morning, when I still naively believe that this was one isolated mouse who maybe came in the back door to get out of the cold. I heard a scuffling in the laundry room while making my lunch this morning. I woke up my husband (second time before 7 a.m. this week--he was not happy) and mentioned the noise. He told me that he had heard it and was convinced that we have mice (not one mouse---mice, plural) in the walls. Yeah, still, I thought maybe they (!) were in the garage.

Tonight, my sweet little son informed me that he had seen a mouse run across the kitchen floor. Since this was the first I had heard of it, and he is known to make things up, I called the hubby. He confirmed the story, although he did not witness this mouse first hand. I am now afraid to walk in my kitchen and I think every noise that I hear must be a mouse. I will be on the couch all night with my feet up. I am not going in the kitchen for anything. Oh, and maybe we should get a cat.


Bragger said...

I am so with you on this one. I HATE MICE! I don't care how small they are, I HATE THEM.

I went out on our back porch to light the gas grill one night, and there was one IN THE GRILL. Now I refuse to light the grill.

Wendy said...

I can't help it, I think they're cute! Every time I've seen one it gave me a start, but never scared me. Their big black eyes and little round ears... awww! Too bad they carry pestilence and plague. lol.

I have an extra cat. You can have him. Seriously.

susan said...

Bragger---It was just in the water, swimming, oh my dear god. I didn't look at the thing. I was just glad it couldn't get out.

Wendy--I might have to drive to South Carolina. We need a cat who is guaranteed to like kids because Quincy loves animals a little roughly, you know? :)

Just B said...

We used to get loads of them in our garage in CT. Despite some appealing features, they are technically vermin. I once reached into the dog food bin and two--TWO--ran across my hand!!! I barely recovered from that one.

susan said...

Just B--I would have screamed if it had touched me. I was talking pretty high and quick anyway.:)