Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gotta be Spontaneous

I got up this morning at 5:15 with my eyes still goopy from the pinkeye I've had for almost a week and switched on the TV. It was supposed to reach freezing sometime around midnight last night and then the rain would switch to freezing rain. Apparently, the weatherman was right.

Schools delayed two hours, said the TV. I called my mom, told her the news, reset the alarm for a one hour later wake up time, and crawled back under the covers. It was still warm. I love my flannel sheets!

8:30. The alarm goes off. I go to wake Quincy for school and he will. not. wake. up. He finally moved after ten minutes and rubbed an eye. Guess what he came down with? Pinkeye!

So, no school for him, no subbing for me. Off we went to the pediatrician's and then to the pharmacy. Drops for him.

It's okay. It's actually a good day to be inside. It's still 37 and raining outdoors.


Just B said...

The downside to be in and out of so many schools are the varied and interesting germs! Sorry you guys had pinkeye.

It sounds like you are getting some interesting assignments. Do you like it?

susan said...

I hate never knowing where I am going until 2 hours beforehand sometimes. And I carry Purell.:)