Tuesday, December 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This is a little late, but we've been busy around my household. Here is the Christmas tree as it looked Christmas morning before Quincy tore into anything under it:

It looks pretty much the same today without the pretty paper.:) We're lazy people around here. Okay, I am a lazy person. I will eventually remove all my gifts from under the tree and relocate them to somewhere in the bedroom, where they'll sit until February. My husband will tell me to put them away and I will, maybe. Happens every year.

By the way, my husband had all his stuff put away by Christmas night..

I don't know about every one else's Christmas, but this one was exciting since Quincy is 4. He finally seemed to get it. Santa Claus. Presents. The whole bit. Maybe a little too well. When he was finished opening all his gifts, he said, "Aren't there more for me? I want more!" He really should have been happy that he even got gifts. He opened almost everything under the tree December 22. There were only 8 gifts and he opened 7. Most of those were for my husband so he wasn't very surprised Christmas Day. I got to rewrap everything (like that's a privilege. It resulted in a major backache.)

It's almost New Year's Eve. I will celebrate with my annual tradition of falling asleep by 11 while watching TV with my 4 year old. :)

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