Friday, December 12, 2008

Varied and Sundry

Now that I am teaching the same class every day, what I teach tends to change often. Of course, I am still certified in English and would prefer to sub in that. It isn't always possible though. English teachers just don't seem to get sick all that often or people snatch up the jobs before me. That happens a lot. So many people don't care about where or for who they sub, just that they do. I often check to see what subject or grade level the teacher teaches.

In the past week, I have taught Spectrum, Middle School Geography, and Kindergarten. I always thought that the Spectrum kids would be like high school Honors students--more interested in what they were learning, more enthusiastic, better behaved. That's not necessarily true. They were interested, but I also had to try hard to keep them on task. The Geography was something I was kind of thinking would involve the students mostly reading. It did, except they really weren't getting it by just reading it. I didn't figure that out until the end of the day though. By the last class, I was giving a mini-lecture before they read the material. I thought that the Kindergartners might be easy. I really thought that after the teacher told me that I just had to do coloring, nap time, a DVD, and get them to their buses on time. They were the hardest of all and I was only there 2 and a half hours. It was crazy. Oh, and they kept hugging me, which was sweet until I heard about the vicious stomach virus that had been sweeping the school. I was especially not too thrilled when one little girl told me, "I feel like I might throwed up." She didn't, but still. I could never teach Kindergarten full-time.

I picked up a great case of pinkeye from somewhere this week. I assume it was Quincy's preschool, but who knows. I am not sure what the incubation period is on pinkeye. I just know that it started Wednesday night in one eye and then I woke up this morning with it in the other one, too. Today was a snow day. That was a sucky way to start it.

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