Saturday, January 24, 2009


The other day, my son looked at me, pointed, and said, "Mommy, you are boring!"

I guess that was less insulting than the many times he has told me to stop singing, just stop singing now.

When I saw my husband, I asked him if he told our child to say that to me. He claims Quincy got it from TV. Whatever. He also told me that he thinks I am boring when I read a book or watch TV.

Pardon me, but I work 60 or more hours some weeks. Getting to read a book or watch TV is exciting to me. Add in the fact that I could not read a book, or only read maybe one book a year, for the first few years of Quincy's life and it's downright thrilling to read something besides Goodnight Moon.

I'm not really sure what I am expected to do that would be so interesting. I mean, sometimes something worth mentioning happens at school, sometimes something notable happens at work. Normally, I just complain about both, which probably is a little boring.

I think this all goes back to the need for a date night. The logistics of that escape me though. I work pretty much all week. My husband works when I am home. That's how we manage not to pay for childcare.

I'm still insulted.

I didn't used to be boring. I mean, I don't bore myself. I am probably boring you right now.

Back when I was single, people were always calling me, wanting to go out, and I went out. I would have rather stayed home a lot of those times. I always had a different significant other. I had my two schnauzers. I would have been happy sitting at home with them. I might have ended up that little old lady with the dogs if I had never asked out my husband. I guess then maybe I might have felt I was a little boring. Still, there is usually someone somewhere that shares my interests and I would probably have found that person.

But, like I said, as a well-read, educated, mother of a four year old who has had lots of life experiences to learn from, has some great body art with stories behind most of it, I don't find myself boring even if I am sitting around with a book.

*huff* Still insulted that my husband does. I had better get a really good Valentine's Day gift. One that does not require dropping hints for the next few weeks.

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