Sunday, January 04, 2009

"I've got issues, yeah.."

(from one of my favorite Old 97's songs--"Big Brown Eyes")

Christmas has past. Maybe I should take down the tree, huh?

I wrote before about the huge differences between my husband and I. How they annoy me. At least once a day anyway.

I have decided that it's really that having a child has not changed him all that much. Having a child killed my spontaneity. I mean, what's spontaneous about it taking an hour to get ready to go grocery shopping? Or just getting out of the house sometimes? It has improved now that he's bigger, but still it's hard to do anything without planning. And my husband never makes plans. If he does have plans, it can be guaranteed he'll be at least half an hour late.

It all comes down to a sense of responsibility. Sometimes living with him is very much like living with a frat boy or my first roommate. I find beer cans/bottles on the kitchen counter when I get up. They are stacked in the garage--to go to recycling. I just don't buy the "I drink beer because I like beer" line very well. I would if he did not drink beer every night and wake up smelling like a bum every morning. That's a huge turn-off by the way. I hate the smell of stale beer in the morning.

I will admit to not being terribly responsible with money. I do budget and pay my student loans. I work around 60 hours a week to do that. There are things I'd rather be working at. Like editing. But how do you break into that field? I never see openings. It kills me that he is content with his pizza delivery job while waiting for his band to make it. I guess the flexible schedule works for him.

I also am not the best housekeeper and my husband cleans. He mops and sweeps. He does all the dishes. He cleans the bathrooms and the toilets. He folds the laundry. He has his pluses.

In this new year, I need to work on my issues. I want some change around here.


Just B said...

Don't diss a man who cleans the toilet!! Seriously though, I understand the worrisome beer drinking. I often wake to the same sight.

Hang in there--we all have issues.

susan said...

The stale beer smell is what gets me. Ugh.