Thursday, October 02, 2008

I think we're alone now!

Okay, really, I know we're alone now. I just wanted to work a song title into a post title.:) My husband is on his way to Johnson City, TN. He has no more minutes left on his phone so he has cruelly turned it off. I'm not freaking out though. The thought of being alone with my three year old until late Sunday night doesn't scare me at all. I am such a liar.

It is not the being alone with the three year old as his sole caregiver for days (except when my mother has him) that scares me. It is the being here late at night at our house in the country where there are no street lights and my parents are about a half an hour away. And did I mention that my husband won't answer his phone?? Oh, and that I'm a big baby who doesn't like the quiet late at night??

So, you, Internet, are the only one (?) I have to tell about my day. I had my orientation for my interim position today. It was at an employment agency and was really a waste of my afternoon, except for the part where I filled out my W-4. One good thing though--I did not have to be re-fingerprinted since I had my fingerprinting done less than a year ago. So I saved the $48 that I would have had to pay for that. Yay!

I also got to go by my school and meet the other teachers in my mini-school. They were really fun and nice and the kids were all pretty well-behaved for the end of the day. All in all, I think this position will be pretty awesome. Also, I was not sure when the position would end. I thought it would last through mid-November or so, but the teacher is not coming back until mid-December so it's a month longer than I thought. That means more money. Yay, again!

Going to watch the debate. Alone. With no one to discuss it with unless I get back online. *sigh* Yeah, I kinda miss my husband.:(


Just B said...

Susan, I'm watching the debate with my sick three-year-old--no husband in sight. He is working late and will be working through the weekend. So I will think of you as I use all my happy-mommy resources to not lose it!

Good luck tomorrow!!!

susan said...

The three-year-old was tired and cranky. He watched Curious George and Caillou after he banished me to the other room. Then he passed out on the couch. I got lucky with him tonight.

I'm sorry yours is sick! Yuck!