Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life limped along at subsonic speeds

So I intended on answering this meme from Sammanthia at The Edge of Insanity on Wednesday night, but then I fell asleep by 9. It's amazing how tiring 60 or so 13 year olds and their drama can be.

Here goes. This is the "four things" meme.

Four places I go over and over:
1) Domino's--I work there quite a bit, but sometimes I am even there when not working. Not as much as I was before I had Quincy though. I'm not as pathetic as I used to be. Yay.
2) Walmart--I'm cheap and it's where I grocery shop. I could go to Publix, which is more expensive and has better produce, but, like I said, I'm cheap.
3) Barnes & Nobles--I love books. I love to browse books. I love to find books that I want for Christmas. :)
4) Jersey Mike's--It's a sub shop here. I am addicted to thier Chipotle Cheese Steak. Steak cooked in Tabasco with chipotle with peppers and onions and topped with chipotle mayo. Yum.

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1) Some place where I have all my papers graded and all school stuff organized. Not sure where that would be.
2) Bed--It's cold in here. It's supposed to be in the 30's tonight. I will be wrapped in blankets before long.
3) On a date with my husband because I never see him.
4) Living somewhere besides Tennessee. This weather kills me. It's 70 during the day, in the 30's at night, and 40-something when I leave for school. The next day, it might be 80 or 60. At night, it might be 60 or 40. Can't it be Fall already???

Four TV shows I watch:
1) Grey's Anatomy---I love this show, but sometimes I skip the end where Meredith is narrating or I watch it with the captions on and turn it way down.
2) Greek--This is such a great show. It's on AMC Family, which my husband finds hilarious. He continually asks me why the family channel has a show about frats. I don't know, but I like it.
3) ER---I have watched this since it began and, now that it's the last season, I watch it every week. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen the episode where Mark Green dies and cried.
4) Cold Case--I love to watch the reruns of this show because I always forget to watch the new ones.

Four things I eat for breakfast:
1) A banana---This is what I eat on school mornings, usually with a Dr. Pepper, sometimes with coffee.
2) Hardee's sausage and biscuit--This is what I eat on weekends.
3) Chocolate--only sometimes though.
4) Oreos--Only on mornings where I am home and I sleep until 10 a.m. so it's already lunch-time anyway.

Four animals I like best:
1) Mini schnauzer's---I now this is a dog breed. I love them. I love their little beards and eyebrows and the way they dance when they're happy. It makes me happy.
2) Goats--There are some goats in a pen as you enter my subdivision. I think they're cute, too. I know that they eat everything so I'm not sure I want one.
3) Guinea pigs--My sister has one named Moe. He's very sweet and cute.
4) Deer--When they are standing very still in a misty field, like the one I saw Friday morning, they are very beautiful.

Four beaches I've been to:
1) Myrtle Beach
2) Kiawah Island
3) The man-made beach at Callaway Gardens in Georgia
4) Clearwater Beach in Florida

Four people I am tagging:
1) Just B at Mile 17
2) Marilyn at Slackermama
3) Bejewell at The Bean
4) Wendy at Notes from the Sleep Deprived

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Sammanthia said...

I LOVE Tennessee, M and I hope to end up there someday... there's another plant where he works at in Tenn and it's a possibility we'll end up there eventually.
I can't believe ER is finally coming to a close... that's where we got the name "Carter" from. And I BAWLED when Dr. Green died, but it's been ages since I've seen it. The song they played when he died... "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"? Yes, I have thalisten to it all the time.
Great answers, all of them!