Thursday, October 30, 2008

What the Hell...Spawn of Satan

My three year old has suddenly turned into the toddler from hell. I think it's just that he got up at 6:30 this morning and only took an hour nap this afternoon. Still, was that any reason to spit lemonade on my floor and then throw his cup when I said he had to clean it up? Let me add that he broke two blinds when he threw the cup. I don't know if this is a reaction to my being gone at school all day or what. He cried some about my not being here a few weeks ago. Now, he's used to it and he seems to not want me around.

Last night, I needed him to take a bath. He was filthy and it was 8:30. I started bath watter, which usually brings him running. He ran away instead and I had to chase him and then carry 35+ pounds of kicking, screaming, toddler in there. I had to hold with one hand while he struggled like a wildcat as I stripped off his clothes. After much wrestling, I got him in the tub and he was not crying anymore. He was pissed. He started throwing handfuls of water at me. When I was thoroughly soaked, he laughed and then cried for Daddy. How is this rational behavior?

Last night was not the first time he has cried for Daddy when I am here at night. I've heard, "Where is Daddy? Make him come home" along with "Why did Daddy go to work?" and "I want Daddy!!!!!!" It's been a little bit heart-breaking because he's always been a mama's boy and suddenly, he's not. He'll be four in three weeks and he doesn't even want me around. I was already upset because, "OMG, my baby is going to be four." The Daddy thing just makes me want to go cry into my pillow.


Sammanthia said...

Ugh. I hate that. Ryerson does it, too. As soon as Mark walks through the door after work, I'm forgotten. By a three year old. That's just sad.;)

susan said...

Sammanthia---Quincy actually cries for Daddy when upset now. He only wants me when he's sick and has germs to spread.:)