Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Monday, Tuesday

I know that yesterday was Monday and all and it went really well. Today, on the other hand, not so much. I got up about a half hour later than I meant to, which made very little difference because I was pretty quick getting ready today. A little too quick, maybe. I put a pantyliner in my panties this morning, because, why not? I kept feeling like maybe it was a little crooked or something on the way to school, so I went to the restroom and checked when I got there. It was not so much crooked as not completely stuck, as in, part of the adhesive was facing me and not my underwear. Ouch! That's how my day began.

Also, I was in such a hurry today because a child needed to make up a test. I got to school. No child in sight. He never showed up!

There was a period this afternoon where everything came together and I got all my grades so far entered in the computer. That was awesome.

Now, I am home for five minutes and then I get to go sling pizzas and talk to jerks on the phone.

That's my cheery take on Tuesday. Hope yours is better!


Just B said...

Susan--how are you doing it?? Seriously, you are making the rest of us look really bad!

Teaching is the most exhausting job! Hang in there.

susan said...

Ummm..I don't sleep much. I am behind on my TV viewing and I never see my husband.:)