Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Afternoon freak-out

I had my interview today. I guess it was good. I can never tell with these things. Principals are notoriously hard to read. I pretty much panicked on the way there. I should have left earlier. I hate to run late because ti leads to me thinking up all kinds of silly things. As far as the interview goes, all I can think is that I finally did not say anything stupid during it. That's a first.

Here's my whole afternoon:

12:27--Start worrying about whether I can get there from here by 1:00
12:28--Turn right off the highway
12:30--"This road never seemed this long. Was I supposed to turn somewhere else already? Did I miss a turn?"
12:32--I did not miss a turn. Turn onto proper road.
12:32 and a half--Turn onto next road. I've been on it a million times. Knew where it went.
12:36--Get to South Church Street. Turn right. Begin to look for school.
12:37--"Is the school not one block after this turn? Guess not. No school yet."
12:39--On road out of town. Road begins to look deserted. "Did I pass the school and not notice? Am I almost to the next county?" (now this line of thinking was really illogical because (a) there are two schools--a middle and an elementary and I could not possibly have passed both-- there would have been school zones at least and (b) the next county is at least half an hour from where I turned onto South Church)
12:41--I see a school zone signal hanging over the road!!!!
12:42--There's the school. It's on the right. It was just over a hill.
12:43--Phew!! I'm here.
12:45--I talk to the secretary and start waiting on principal.
12:55--Principal calls me back.
12:55--1:13--Interview. I am asked 3 questions. "Where did I go to high school?", "Can I start by the end of the month?", and "What's the best way to contact me?"
1:15--In car again. Think I can get home before the hubby leaves to pick up Quincy from preschool. I get to go pick up Quincy!! Yay!!
1:15--1:27--Drive towards home. No freaking out this time, but more speeding.:)
1:27--I turn onto the highway that goes to my house. Hurrying.
1:30--Pass hubby on highway. He is going the opposite direction (towards preschool). Wave frantically. I think he sees me and keep heading home, figuring he'll u-turn and meet me.
1:35--Arrive home. Call hubby to make sure he's on the way. He did not see me. He is further away. He turns around while I change out of my suit.
1:45--In the car again on the way to pick up the toddler.:)

I really had myself in a panic on the way there. I really thought I had passed the school at one point. I forgot that the area it is in is really very rural. Oooops.:)


Bragger said...

Good luck on the job...I'm pulling for you!

I do some of those same things....go somewhere I've been a hundred times and then totally psych myself out with second-guessing. Oddly enough, I'm better on my bicycle than in my car....

Maggie, Dammit said...

ohmygosh this is funny! And all of this for only three questions? Figures. :)

Good luck!

susan said...

Bragger--Thanks! I'm not saying I think I got it. Don't want to jinx myself.

Maggie--This is a good example of the way I think. I really did think I was lost for a minute.:)