Monday, September 08, 2008

Is this funny???

Okay, so you guys need to judge this. Here's what happened: There's this guy at work who is always picking on people and me. Last night, he made some comment about my being on the phone that escalated into a comment about calling my mom to check on my son. From there, he said something like, "Oh, mom, did he poop?" (in imitation of me). Then he said something like, "Are you going to bronze this poop? Oh, it's so much more formed than it used to be (again, imitating me). Let's compare it to his bronzed newborn poop. Oh, it's so much more runny..."

He was laughing the whole time. I got really angry.

He went on a delivery and promptly forgot what he said. When he got back, I made a few angry remarks to him. He tried to tell me that he didn't say anything. I told him that he was a butt (only I used another word with 3 letters). I think he was kind of mad. We were busy so he was gone most of the rest of the time that I was there. I told him bye and he ignored me.

Sounds like high school, doesn't it?

Anyway, I called my husband last night and he asked me why I was so mad and what Richard said. I was so irritated that I couldn't remember then. I remembered it all this morning and told him about it. He laughed! He thought it was funny!

So do I owe this guy some kind of apology? Is it funny? Am I being hypersensitive?


Rachel said...

Nothing is funny when it comes to Richard...he's just a jerk.

Anonymous said...

i hate to say it and sound somewhat cliche but- ignore him----
richard is a jerk and thrives off getting a rise out of people-that's just what he does---he dishes it out and we all know he can't even take when somebody dishes it back--don't apoligize to him--

Anonymous said...

He is playing a game with you. Since he is the one the one who is the instigator he is the one that owns this game, therefore its in his home court and the game is played by his rules. The best way to win is by not playing. You don't owe this person anything, brush it off and don't take what he says personal. When he sees that he can't get a rise out of you he will play his stupid little game with someone else he can get a rise out of.

Wendy said...

To a guy, maybe it would be funny. But to you it wasn't so asking if it's funny shouldn't be an issue. I found a solution for Noah when kids pick on him. (I know you aren't a child, but apparently this guy is.)

Next time, try laughing with him. I know, it seems counter-productive, but try it. Like this...

Him- "Are we going to bronze this poop?"

You- "I know! We bronze them all! I even had his circumcision extras bronzed! You wanna see 'em?" Hahahah.

Seriously. It works. Because he's not trying to make you laugh. And when you do, you pop his bubble. You'll get great pleasure out of seeing the confusion on his face! lol

Turbokya said...

remove his pinky and ask him if would like to have it bronzed. accidents happen and pizza cutters are sharp

susan said...

I didn't apologize.:)