Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Day Late

Still no period. Still do not feel pregnant. Aren't I supposed to feel pregnant?

Kinda freaked out last night and cried a lot because I have always wanted two kids, but, now, that we have Quincy, I just am not sure that it is fair to him to have another. He's always been our only baby. I feel like it takes both of us to be amazing parents to him. It takes our full attention to just keep him happy and alive. I'm not sure we could do that with two.

A little scared right now.

Sorry about that emotional outburst up there. I took a two hour nap and feel much better (except why is this still bold?? I turned bold off. This is bold, right?).
Anyway, another pregnancy test was negative so maybe I am just late. I was 4 days late last October (that really was the last time) and then I had a 10 day period that I am convinced was an early miscarriage because I don't have 10 day periods, ever.

Okay, well, I can do nothing about the bold, so I am going to watch "Curious George" and hang out with Quincy.:)


Sammanthia (The Edge Of Insanity) said...

YOU'LL BE FINE! Even if you are pregnant, you'll adjust... it seems scary at the time, but you'll wonder later why you were ever worried. If you're not pregnant, then you'll get your wish. See, it's a win-win situation.
Good luck... keep us posted!

Wendy said...

Um, just so you know, the reason the tests can't say they're 100% accurate is because of false negatives. It'll never say you're pregnant if you aren't, but if you still don't start soon, maybe you should see a doctor. Some of them don't even work until you're around 5 days late.

Anyway, good luck, and I hope you get what you wish for. :)

susan said...

Yeah, most of the over the counter ones work at 50 to 100 m.'s of HCG in urine. By 12 days after ovulation I should have that and I'm several days past that. I need to wait a few days and then take a blood test I think. I hate waiting!!