Thursday, September 18, 2008

I feel funky

WARNING--This post may contain TMI. Sorry.:)

My body is messing with my head again. I have had the same PMS symptoms for the last year or so. As soon as I ovulate, my boobs begin to hurt and it is even painful to wear a bra until I get my period. I also get bloating, back pain (sometimes sciatic), fatigue, frequent peeing, and appetite increase. This lead to my thinking I was pregnant a few months in a row until I caught on.

Now, though, I know what to expect so I have none of those symptoms this month. Not a one. Nothing hurts that is not a result of working a lot at a place with concrete floors and no chairs. I am not overly tired in any way that can't be accounted for. No headaches even. What is up??

My period is due next Tuesday. It has been a couple days early the last two months so I guess it could be Sunday. I normally start cramping a few days before starting also. I have had none of that either. I've had fairly mild periods the past few months with not too much cramping and only lasting 4 days or so. I am worried that this months is going to be horrible, like bed-ridden horrible. I am not looking forward to it, not that I ever do. I just hate for things to change on me when I have finally gotten used to my symptoms. I don't like them, but at least they indicate clearly that my period is coming.

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