Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mr. Independent

Way back when Quincy was almost 2, he started preschool. He had to be pulled off me for about 6 weeks and cried for the first 15 minutes for most of those first three months. He cried a little the following Spring, but not as much. It broke my heart every time I left him there crying.

Last year, he was almost 3 when school started. His daddy took him and there was a little crying at first. Sometimes he wanted his daddy to stay. Mostly he was okay, but he still wanted to be carried in sometimes. I called and checked on him during my planning period around 10 a.m. He was always fine by then.

Today, I took him for his first day again. He's almost 4. He has a new teacher this year. He had the same teachers the last 2 years, because his birthday is so late. When we got there this morning, he did not want to be carried. He did not even want to hold my hand. I know. I asked. He just got out of the car, walked right to the door, opened it for me, and went to his class. He's so independent. He didn't even look up when I said goodbye.

This is his first day with no diapers and no pull-ups. He was wearing training pants under his khaki shorts when I left. Who knows what he'll be wearing when I go back!

I picked him up and he was still wearing his khaki shorts and training pants. His teacher said he peed and pooped in the potty without her asking him. He just got up and went in there and did it. Of course, we were home for five minutes and he was playing in the yard and he peed his pants. :) He's not so good with coming in to go yet.

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the sits girls said...

What an awesome start to the school year! We think he sounds so grown up and adorable. :o)