Friday, February 13, 2009

All by myself

I don't do the alone thing well. I've always had roommates and before that I lived with my parents so there was always someone else around. This weekend, it's just me and Quincy. My husband has gone up north to play some shows in Ohio. He'll be back sometime on Sunday. That's two long, quiet nights with just Quincy.

It's the quiet that gets me. We've lived out here in the country almost two years, but I am still not used to the lack of noise at night. The closest road where lots of cars travel is a mile and half from the house. No one drives up and down our road much. Before this, I lived in town where there was traffic noise and stuff like that. Out here, if it's just me, I have to sleep with the TV on for at least part of the night.

Oh, also, my little friends the mice that I thought were entirely gone are not. We caught five or six mice, not counting the one the dog killed. I figured seven mice was probably all there was. Nope. Wrong. There's at least one more and it keeps outsmarting all the traps that are out. It hasn't even been caught by the traps that are well hidden. If it gets caught in a trap while my husband is gone, it will stay there until Sunday afternoon. I'm not touching it.

It's only 9:15. What am I going to do all night?

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