Friday, February 20, 2009

My Trip to the Bluegrass State

On Monday, we took a trip. You can tell where we went from the title. Now, I have been all over Western Kentucky--Paducah, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Louisville, Murray, but, until Monday, I had never been to Bowling Green. I think I might have driven through there once on the way somewhere further north, but it seemed pretty unfamiliar, so maybe not. Anyway, I liked it. I came home ready to pack up and move there.

There was a reason for this trip. It wasn't just for fun or anything. Last weekend, my husband's band played two shows in Ohio. The first show was Friday night in Cincinnati. They took two cars and the band's blue van up there. My husband and the drummer were in the van, running late as always. The drummer was driving when he heard a noise that he thought was a tire blowing. My husband thought that they had run something over. The drummer noticed that they were slowing down and pulled over. They discovered that the transmission had blown up and transmission fluid was spraying onto the exhaust. They had the van towed and rented one at Enterprise and kept going. They decided to figure out what to do about the van later. Here's the van the only time it made it to Johnson City, TN.

On their way back from their second show in Ohio (almost in West Virginia), they stopped and cleaned out the van. They planned on leaving it in Bowling Green and junking it. The problem at that point was how to get my husband, the drummer, and their gear home since the other van needed to be returned in Bowling Green. My husband drove the rental van home. He had missed Valentine's Day and was supposed to be home for a late celebration.

Come Monday morning, I am suddenly the one driving back to Bowling Green behind my husband to return the van. I wasn't completely clear on why it had to be taken back in Bowling Green, but it turned out to be a good thing because they knocked some money off the rental price because of how clean it was. One thing you don't know about me is my extreme dislike for driving on the interstate. I'm a backroads kind of girl. I like the two lanes. I like the scenery. I even like the little town where I have to slow down to 30 mph. This means we took Highway 231 all the way to Bowling Green. It took two hours, but we got there. I accidentally lost my husband at the only light in Westmoreland. It was a really long light and I was in front of him. I made the light and he didn't. He caught up to us in Kentucky.

One thing I forgot to mention was how much fun my husband thought it would be to take Quincy with us. Yeah, well, it might have been if he had taken a nap on the way or something. He was cranky by the time we got there. He threw a small tantrum in Toot's, which was where he said he wanted to eat. He didn't eat much. He mostly fussed about how he wanted to go home. Next time, he can stay with my parents.

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