Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Night

My husband is 7 and a half hours away. The four and a half year old is sleeping. Oh, and the dog ate the chocolate that I had in the house while I was at work today. He was nice enough to leave the wrappers all over the floor for me to clean up. That's been my night.

I got to watch the new Burn Notice virtually uninterrupted, except for being yelled at by my child because he was thirsty. That was early in the show though. He must have fallen asleep because he didn't say anything else. When it was over, I walked into the living room where he was sleeping on the couch to put his pull-up on him, you know, just in case. He always wakes up dry, but I am still paranoid about that one time that I know could happen. Also, I'm pretty sure if it's going to happen, it'll happen while he's in my bed. But I digress, I walked in here with pull-up in hand and pulled off his pajama bottoms and underwear. I noticed that the underwear was slightly damp. After feeling around on the couch under him, I realized that he was pretty sweaty under his pajama top. He was sleeping with a blanket wrapped around his head. A lot of him was sweaty. I finally rolled him over on his back, put his pull-up on him, and left his bottoms off so he could cool off. I also moved the blanket off his head. I don't know why he likes to sleep like that. He sleeps that way a lot. Weird.

So, today, Valentine's Day, I worked nine hours. I did not see my husband, although I did talk to him several times. I got a card from my parents and one from my child that my parents bought for him to give me. Also, the dog ate my chocolate. I think I'm going to call it a night now.

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