Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My head may explode!!!

Just went into town, paid bills, and bought some lunch. While we were in the McDonald's drive-thru, I very clearly asked my child if he wanted anything. He told me no. I assumed that meant no.

Fast forward to our return home and he sat down at the table and began to take my food out of my bag. First, he declared that, "This is my food! No, wait, you share your food with me Mommy!" Then, he said, "You give your food to me Mommy!" When he was told no, he asked me to go out and get him some also. Now, we live 20 minutes from town. I refused to drive to the nearest McDonald's. I bought a fish sandwich for lunch. I offered to make him fish. At first, he was reluctant. Now, he is sitting on the couch happily eating shrimp, which I just caught him sharing with the dog.

Once this situation was resolved satisfactorily and he agreed to the shrimp, I walked up to my husband and asked, "If my head explodes, will you clean it up?"

He said, "No. I would just move."

Why are four year olds so difficult?

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