Friday, February 06, 2009

Let's pretend this week never happened

Besides the disappointing Super Bowl Sunday, there were other sucky things about last weekend. One of my best friends has this dog who is the spazziest thing and also the most terrified of so many objects/people I've ever seen. Her live-in boyfriend has a three year old. The dog is scared to death of him, which, I don't blame her. He chases her and runs at her and pokes her and stuff. So last Saturday afternoon, her boyfriend was holding his son and the son probably did something to the dog (he says not) and the dog jumped up and bit the boy in the face. She might have scratched him, too. Yes, it looked bad. His eye was swollen and such.

It would have stopped there, but the boyfriend's ex-wife lives with her parents and she took her son to the E.R. that night. The doctor there said it wasn't bad enough to report to the police or anything and the son ended up with three stitches. The ex-wife's father called the police anyway and so my friend felt compelled to get rid of her dog. It was decided that her mom would drive down from Wisconsin on Sunday and pick up the dog and go home Monday.

Then the story takes a scary turn. Her mom left Wisconsin around 8 a.m. on Sunday and never got here. They had no idea where she was and she has no cell phone. She showed up early Tuesday morning (I think) wandering in a Chicago hotel, knocking on doors. They took her to the hospital and she was very confused and didn't remember how she got there. Once she got home, her doctor did some tests and all they've said is that she might be diabetic. They still have no idea where she left her car or how long or how far she walked.

I had my own scare on Tuesday. My grandparents are 86 and 83. They drive all over the place. Tuesday around noon, they were leaving Home Depot, when a woman ran a red light. She hit the car on my grandfather's side (he was driving) and spun the car around. Their car mashed into a 2008 Nissan Armada, which hit the car behind it, which hit the car behind it. All in all, the lady wrecked four cars, not counting hers. When my grandparents car hit the Armada, it hit on my grandmother's side, pushing her door and door-frame in and into her hip and side. During the spin, her head also hit the windshield, breaking it from the inside. The airbags also deployed. They were unable to open my grandmother's door. My grandfather walked away from the crash okay, but my grandmother had a cut on her forehead that had to be stapled and they put a cuff around her neck. They took that off after they did a cat scan, but they also found 3 spots on her brain that were bleeding. They kept her overnight, but sent her home the next day after another cat scan. She has to have two more cat scan's to make sure the three spots are healing.

I'm really, really hoping that next week is better, what with Valentine's Day and all.


Anonymous said...

Granddaddy is 85. Grandma's staples are actually on the side of her head, behind her ear. They are covered up by her head. They are not sure what she hit her head on. The window on the passenger side shattered, so they think it may have been something on the window frame that cut her.
A doctor from Summit stayed with her at the wreck to hold pressure on her head due to the bleeding.

Anonymous said...

The staples are covered by her hair not her head...oops...