Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This lovely week so far...

I got some facts wrong in that last post, but they were thoughtfully corrected by my little sister in the comments. Ooops.

So this week...

I have suddenly become overly concerned with getting a new dog. I thought we might adopt a schnauzer that needed a forever home on Monday, but that ended up not happening.
Because I thought we might be going out to get that dog, I did not stop for lunch on the way home from my Monday morning sub job. This led to my not eating until around 4 o'clock that afternoon. Never assume things will work out around here.

On Monday, I did remember to stop at the school where I needed to put in Quincy's application so that he might someday go there. They asked for a copy of his birth certificate. This led to me realizing that we never ordered his birth certificate. We remedied that on Tuesday. It should be here next week. Again, ooops.

I turned down a substitute job on Tuesday, which I was requested for, because I was incredibly busy with prep for Quincy's Valentine party and getting him to school on time on Tuesday morning. Also, there were many errands to be done and they are much easier without him in tow. Turning down that sub job has come back to bite me on the ass. There were no jobs today and there are none for tomorrow. There will probably be one that I'll find out about around 5 o'clock tomorrow morning because that seems to be the way these things work out for me.

Oh, and I planned on sleeping late today since there were no jobs available. That plan was thwarted by the incredible wind around here this morning. I woke up early because it sounded like the roof might blow off. It didn't and I was the only one who woke up. When I gave up and got up, I woke up Quincy accidentally.

On the bright side, I don't have to work at Domino's tomorrow night. Also, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice come on tomorrow. So do E.R., C.S.I., and Burn Notice. I love Thursdays!!!

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