Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Sunday at the Pizza Place=FAIL

From Friday afternoon on, my time at my pizza job was spent preparing for the onslaught of hungry Superbowl fans. I folded box after box, because you can never have enough of those. Our weekly sandwich sales have been around 350 so we just knew that that many might be sold on Sunday alone. Had to fold those boxes, too. Also, the breadsticks and wings now come in boxes. Those, also, had to be folded. Many were done by me as I was the only one in the store not occupied with other things to do. The store is trying to save money on labor so there are no extra people to do stuff like fold boxes. Some food had to be prepped also and someone had to do that. Not me though.

Speaking of food, my boss ordered for a busy Sunday. We had extra everything. We had enough boxes of sandwich bread for 300 sandwiches. I mentioned sandwich sales before. They've been high. Then came Friday, when we sold maybe 60, and Saturday, when 40 were sold. This was all day sales even.

Saturday came. I was working on my prep at a frantic pace as time allowed. Basically, any time not waiting on customers or taking phone orders was spent folding. I have the rough hands to show for it also. We figured that Saturday would be busy. It wasn't. "No big deal, "everyone said, "People are saving their money for tomorrow."

No, they weren't or, maybe they were and then ordered from somewhere else. I don't know. I just know it was one of the slowest Superbowl Sundays that I have ever worked. Even the halftime rush sucked. I'm hoping for a less boring week post-Superbowl. I hate walking in circles at work when I could be somewhere else doing something worthwhile, like surfing the Internet.:)

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