Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Bad Day for Abby's

yes, that says Abby's not Arby's although I am thinking about lunch....

Anyway, yesterday was a bad day for the Abby's in my life--Abby the Cat and Abby Brueggen. Abby the Cat, who belongs to my sister, cannot hold down anything and has been sick every three hours or so. She has a colon condition and won't eat or drink, but is acting normal. Well, pretty normal. That cat is evil most of the time. She bites, she corners, and she chases. She's also sneaky and she ambushes me. I usually have to have a blocker to get past her. Last night, I got within 2 feet of her and she stayed where she was. That's unusual.

Abby Brueggen is my friend from work. She lives here, but is from Wisconsin. She had a stroke 2 years ago and has phlebotomies and such things regularly. Last night, she wasn't feeling well and went to the local E.R. They wanted to send her straight to Nashville for surgery and life flighted her to Vanderbilt, where. after some tests, they found that it was not as bad as they had initially thought. They thought she has a bleeding vein near her heart. Last I heard, it was an aneurysm, but has not burst so they have her on medication and her oxygen levels are up. She was supposed to graduate in May and was very excited. She'll be discouraged by this setback.

It seems like everywhere I turn someone has a cough. My father, who is an avid bicyclist and will ride in weather from 110 degrees to 10, has been coughing for days and is still out riding his bike this afternoon. I don't really blame him though. It's about 65 degrees outside and lovely.

well, time to do some laundry, make some lunch, wake up the husband, and go buy a high chair.....

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