Friday, March 18, 2005

My poor sweet baby

Poor Quincy! He had his four month shots today and he doens't know what hit him. He's been mostly sleeping since the shots, but I had to wake him up to change a diaper before he went to bed so, of course, he woke up. He's in there now sounding like he's crying in his sleep, but I keep checking and his eyes are closed and he's still. He's very feverish though and that, along with the pain, is making both him and me miserable.

So my comments setting on here was messed up. I forgot to set it for non-members which means Abby couldn't make comments. It is now fixed for those people who think I need to get a life (Abby and Rachel!).

Let's see--what's happened in my life today? Umm---I stayed awake this morning while the baby napped to watch "The View" :). Very exciting. I found out why I missed "Survivor" last night--it's on Wednesday nights because of the March Madness basketball stuff and my favorite person got sent home this week on the one episode I've missed. I only follow that show, "Medium," "The View," and "Days of Our Lives"--which has gotten ridiculous with all of this Dimera crap. Some good guy needs to take out Tony Dimera and set all of his captives free so they can go back to Salem and quit torturing each other and the viewers. Everytime I think someone might escape, they don't---or they do and they get brought back---which is what it looks like is going to happen to Jack---who made it all the way back to Salem--ugh.

Also, I went to work today---not that it was exciting though we did get busy for a while. I know we're busy when I have to keep answering the phone and can't move away from it to go wander the store or do other tasks--like put tickets on boxes or make breadsticks and such. Tonight, I had trouble getting away from the phone so we were busy even though Abby went home at 7 o'clock. Rachel--who is a manager---had very little time to get change for people because she was so busy making pizzas also.

That's pretty much been my day--I walked my dogs--the big one didn't run off for once--and my husband woke up and got up around noon so I got to see him while conscious---yeah, that was about it----

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