Thursday, March 17, 2005

sleepy Abby update

ok Quincy is asleep....which is where I'd like to be but I am waiting on the chicken to boil for a casserole my husband wants for dinner so here I am...sleepy and all.

Both Abby's are doing well. Abby the person feels better and is no longer having to drive a long way to student teach because she got a new assignment here in town for 6 weeks or so---I think. Not having to get uo so early to drive so far probably is helping her to heal faster. Abby the cat has been all medicined up and is almost perky though not back to her normal hateful self yet.

On another familial note--besides Abby the cat--my grandfather had knee replacement today, but is doing okay last I heard. The surgery took longer than expected because he was slightly bow-legged and the replacement knee has to go on perfectly straight so they had to shave off some of the bone. He is in no pain thanks to a morphin drip, but it is making him nauseous and so he is on medicine for that. He should get through the night ok though they are talking about having him up in some sort of chair device tonight which seems awfully early to me, but then I was up walking 3 or 4 hours after Quincy was born so what do I know...

Nothing else going on around here..

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