Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mommy the Mechanic

Well, it's been a successful day in Quincyland. He ate all his cereal (I fed him in a different position than usual and it worked better). I actually fed him in his car seat because it leans back and it left me with both hands free. My sister has been feeding him in the same position and it was working for her. Soooooooo..after much wrestling with parts and screws and screwdrivers, the high chair is in position. I offer no guarantees that it won't fall apart when he sits in it. Unfortunately, he fell asleep while I was putting it together since it took a while to do and no one helped but the dog, who was very little help. I can't wait to try it out. Should make for interesting video.

I'm very excited about this whole baby eating solids thing. He's got the cereal part down pat now so it's time to move on to the veggies. I'm introducing sweet potatoes to Quincy on Saturday. That sounds odd---as if I am going to say, "Hi, Quincy, these are sweet potatoes," and the mushed up orange potatoes (definitely not a day to wear white) will say, "Nice to meet you Quincy. I hope you enjoy eating me." I think I messed up the tense somewhere in there. Anyway, you get the picture.

The bad thing, or not so bad thing, is that I have to work Saturday night so after he eats his veggies, he'll be going to stay with my sister who will probably get to see the results in his diaper and I'll get a phone call at work about the strange color and consistency of his poop. Amazing how important that is in baby world. It will probably be ths funniest thing I hear all night.

Everyone at work has been in a pissy mood lately. Several people don't want to do their jobs so it's left to all the others to pick up their slack. It would be ok if this was consistent, but some nights some people want to work and other nights, the same people do next to nothing but whine. Not that I should excempt myself from the same accusations. I can just take my own whining better than I can other people pouting and slammimg things around. On a positive note, Abby should be back to work this friday and that will be good. Her antibiotics are working very well and I don't think she missed hardly any school so she should still get to graduate on time.

As for Abby the cat, she has x-rays and urinalysis and blood work done and, while the x-rays didn't show too much odd, the urinalysis came with weird liver enzymes and the blood work showed nothing so they think she had an allergic reaction to her food. So now she's eating hypoallergenic food like a starving little cat. It remains to be seen whether that fixes her problem...

time to try out the high chair---Quincy is awake..

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