Saturday, March 12, 2005

Work Work Work

I really need a job using my English degrees because Domino's frustrates me tremendously some nights. i mean, it's an easy job basically except some of the customers are enough to make you swear off customer service forever and some of my co-workers make me think we need higher standards in hiring. We'll take almost any warm body it seems. It's amazing we ever get anyone applying though because you can make more working at McDonald's and the hours are probably better. Murfreesboro is such a restaurant-oriented town that food service is a major employment field here and our government wonders why the average income is so low?

I was in academia before working pizza full time, but I couldn't continue that with the pregnancy since I spent about three months on bedrest and then didn't work until he was around 6 weeks old. That was just after New Year's and the new semester began January 12, plus, due to the Tennessee Board of Regents and Tennessee Government in general, the higher education budget is very bad so there isn't much hiring going on and TBR voted to lower graduation standards, eliminating some key English classes previously required and, subsequently, lowering the number of part-time faculty required to teach such classes. After all, full-time faculty are guaranteed so many classes to teach a semester so they get first pick.

Ahh well--all of this is giving me a headache and I'm hungry so it's time to go find something to eat in the kitchen and check on baby Quincy. Hopefully he's watm enough. I did a stupid thing before work--I turned off the heat because it was hot in here anf forgot to turn it back on when I left at 3pm. My husband, being warm-natured anyway, didn't notice anything amiss with the heat when he left for work 2 hours later so I got home with the baby around 10 pm and it was 63 degrees in here. I think it's up to 67 now, so I'm having something warm for dinner..

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