Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Quincy the little wonder

My son really is just a little amazing thing. 3 1/2 months ago he came into the world and just blinked at it and took it all in. Now he can do so much. He sleeps 8 or 9 hours a night. He started out eating a 1/2 ounce at a time--now he eats eight at once sometimes. He can smile and laugh and make random little sounds that sometimes sound remarkably like words.

He started eating cereal on Saturday and today was the first day I've noticed him anticipate it. I said, "Quincy, it's time for your cereal," and he just smiled this morning. He ate all that he wanted and then pushed the spoon away. I can't wait until he eats vegetables and fruits. He has a very expressive face and I want to see what kind of expressions he'll get when he tries the different tastes available to him---which aren't many for first foods--about seven vegetables and five fruits--still, they'll be a big change from formula and rice cereal, which is pretty much formula in paste form.

He has two little nubby places on his bottom gum now that will be teeth. The poor little thing cries sometimes because they hurt and he doesn't know why they're in his mouth. He just licks them and licks them trying to decide what's there.

I wish he'd stop scratching at his face. He loves to touch his face and his hair or my face and my hair also, but he doesn't scratch me, just pulls my hair. He scratches himself and he currently looks like he got the bad end of a fight with my parents cat---if she had claws anyway. She's all better by the way--somehow she seems to have healed herself...

oh well the laundry is done--time to put it in the dryer---

oh, if you have time, check out http://giantbelly.blogspot.com for pictures of one of the cutest baby girls I have ever seen...

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