Saturday, March 05, 2005

First Post

Well, my sister has a blog so, after reading hers, I thought I'd post one also. Hmmm, it's 10 a.m. It's very quiet with only the laundry going and the hum of the computer and baby m onitor. Odd how 4 a.m. used to be my quiet time. Then I had a baby and that's one of the many things that has changed. Since he began sleeping through the night, 4 a.m. is my sleep time, too. Actually, I am the only one awake now. My husband, being a night owl, stayed awake until baby Quincy woke up at 6 a.m. and then went to sleep and Quincy ate his cereal, took his bottle, and went limp in my arms a half hour ago.'s just me and the dogs...

What to do today? Go to the store, drop Quincy off with my sister, go to work, pick him up. come home. That's about it. I look forward to going to the store. My life started revolving somewhat around food while pregnant--due to an obsession with the Food Network no doubt--so going to the store is always fun and, for practical purposes, Quincy needs formula.

Other than that, I have to work today. Not really something to look forward to though. It might be if they paid me well or it was busy enough there to keep boredom at bay. Since neither of those things holds true, it sucks. I work at Domino's and pizza is not my life. However, my husband works there too and he works tonight so I get to see him during one of the rare times when neither of us is sleepy. I need a job that I enjoy. Preferably one using my degrees. Teaching would be nice, but, since having Quincy, I think that it would be nice to work with babies. I like being around them. i just don't want to bring more home. However, day care is out of the question. First of all. they don't pay well and secondly, I don't want to bring home germs to Quincy and, third, I have no desire to be in a roomful of 2 year olds. I'm not even sure how anyone ever manages to take care of more than one child, let alone a room filled with them. That said--I should go get my son's laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer, wake up the husband, and head to the store....


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