Sunday, March 13, 2005

Whew--this Mommy business....

oh my gosh I'm tired. Quincy has always been a wonderful little napper who falls asleep as soon as he is full. Well, the solid food seems to have cancelled that out somehow. Now, he never wants to fall asleep. It's not that he's not tired--he is--he just refuses to close his eyes without putting up a tremendous fight. Today, after a half hour of rocking, he was dead asleep so I assumed I could put him in his crib. Silly me! His head touched the crib mattress and his eyes popped right open. He even looked refreshed. 20 minutes later, he was screaming at the top of his lungs again. I finally took him for a truck ride, which worked, except I really did need to go to the store so I dropped him at my parents where he woke up and was still awake when picked up. I thought that since the riding in the truck worked once, it would work again. He yawned all the way home, but the eyes never closed. So then I thought a bottle might do the trick. Wrong again! After much walking, he did fall asleep for about 45 minutes but I didn't dare put him down so my arm fell asleep also and, when that happened, I did put him down where he was--the couch. You might wonder what happened. Well, guess--that's right--the second his head touched the couch, his eyes popped open and the crying began again, although not as loud. He must have been tired by this time. Now, 2 tablespoons of baby cereal and 6 1/2 ounces of formula later, Quincy is in his crib and not making a peep. And here I am hoping it will last!

I wasn't the only one around here who had a trying day. My husband and I have this little blue car that he's had forever. He fixes it about every three months normally because something else breaks. He just finished rebuilding the engine a few months ago and was driving it regularly when one of the back bearings got too hot and welded itself to the car. That took 5 days and multiple trips to Autozone and a junkyard to fix, but it was fixed--he said---so he drove it to work. 45 minutes later, while the baby was screaming, he called and said that he was having to brake about a quarter mile before he had to stop and that the same wheel was grinding. So now the little blue car is sitting in the driveway--again--and he is driving the truck. He does think he knows what's wrong with it.

Well Quincy's refusal to sleep left me napless also so I'm taking a nap since he should be down for a while and is hopefully out til morning *crossing my fingers*

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