Saturday, July 19, 2008

Abby the evil kitty

My parents have this cat, Abby. Instead of being cuddly and sweet and wanting to be petted, like a cat, she tends to puff up and hiss and bite. She also likes to stalk me if I am dumb enough to walk around their house in the semi-dark. It will be quiet and I'll think I'm safe and then she'll ambush me from out of nowhere and either smack at me or try to bite. She looks really cute though in pictures.

The poor cat had a bad day yesterday though. My parents had a room painted so there were (gasp!) strangers in the house. This scared the cat. She hid. When she finally came out, Quincy was there making noise and bothering her. Then he quieted down a little and a skunk sprayed right outside of their house. The smell came in the house. It was pretty bad, but it was worse outside. I held my breath walking to my car. Ugh.

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Mom101 said...

I am well familiar with the evil kitty idea, although my own has sadly gone to wherever evil kitties go when they die. (Not sure that it's hell - maybe just heaven with other evil cats?)

I absolutely love that you taught a John Hughes class. If you ever need a TA....