Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Whatever happened to predictability?"

Last night at work was TV theme song night I guess since my manager sang the theme from "Family Matters," "Step by Step" and "Full House." Guess which one my blog title is from?

Other than that, last night was very uneventful. I did manage to stump the same manager with a quote from "Dazed and Confused," which would have been more fun if he hadn't stumped me with a Jack Nicholson quote from "Batman." Oh, and we discussed the Christian Bale arrest. Exciting, I know.

Had a teacher interview this morning. As always, I have no positive or negative feelings on it. I just sit around and wait to hear from it one way or another. Now there's a position open here in town also so I'll pursue that one tomorrow.

Going shopping for training pants soon because I've had to throw out a few pairs. Are they as hard to find other places as they are here?


Wendy said...

It's "Family Matters" right? "Weather man, paper boy, evening TV!"

I couldn't find training pants either, so my mom started looking for them at yard sales. Turned out I don't like the mess they made though. And Pull-Ups are *bad* because they're too easy for the kid to take off and leave hidden under the bed full of poop.

Thanks for adding me to your Roll! Check mine...

Wendy said...

I'm trying to add you to my blog list thing and it keeps saying it can't detect a feed for your site. When I subscribed the other day I had to do it with the RSS. Is that how you want it? Not trying to be nosy or anything. I just like to promote the little guys like me on mine.

Anonymous said...

Training pants are a NIGHTMARE! Thank God for wood floors, I'm a bit anal-retentive (so my kids say), and pee stains on the carpet don't do it for me.

susan said...

We have wood floors, also. I started out putting him in just underwear, but that was even more mess so we're sticking with the training pants some anyway.
I have no idea how to change my blog feed. Maybe that can be my project for the day.
And the title is from the "Full House" theme.:)

Wendy said...

Yeah, I knew Family Matters wasn't quite right, so I googled it later. Kind of felt like an idiot. I was thinking of the right show, mary kate and ashley and all that. Oh well.