Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interviews Schminterviews

Today might be my lucky day. I made some phone calls this morning about open teaching positions. One of the places I left a message called me back within half an hour to set up an interview for 2:30 this afternoon!! Now, I'm nervous. I forget everything I know in interviews. I have to take a shower and find something to wear and get gas.

My husband, the rock star, has an interview with the Murfreesboro Post today also. I'm guessing it's to promote his band, The Incredible Heat Machine, which has a show at Wall Street on Friday, August 8.

Okay, going to shower and find an appropriate outfit. Perhaps I'll find my brain in the process! Wish me luck!!


Wendy said...

Good luck!!! Just be yourself and you'll be fine. Exude confidence.

Bragger said...

I had despaired of ever getting my first teaching job. Then finally the principal called me on Saturday before school started on Monday.... the week of teacher pre-planning was already gone. She said, "We're moving furniture and cleaning up, so don't feel you need to dress up." WHAT? I had the perfect interview suit, yada yada yada. I was in a quandary. If I dressed up, it would look like I couldn't follow instructions. If I didn't, it would look like I didn't know how to be professional! What to do?

I wound up ironing my best jeans (gasp!) and a nice blouse, putting on clean sneakers, and reporting for the interview. I got the job, and started on Monday with the students! I had a wonderful mentor in that job, and the principal wound up loving me....or at least liking me enough to try to keep me from moving to another position.

So as my sister always says, "Things happen for a reason." That's when I usually tell her to go to Hell. But she's usually right. What is meant to happen will happen......eventually.

Best of luck....I'll be thinking about you!

susan said...

It was kind of a tough interview and you know when you have that feeling that everything is going well and then suddenly it isn't? Yeah, there was that.